Today : Listen

“He inquired of the LORD, saying, “Shall I go and attack these Philistines?” The LORD answered him.” I Samuel 23:2 (NIV)

It is easy to read this passage and not get the significance of the spiritual moment. You see the truth is we worship the true and living God who wants to interact with us. Christianity is more than a religion it is also mystical relationship with God. The Philistines were threatening the town that David was in and his men wondered if they should fight. David knew the odds were not in their favor but wanted to know what God thought about it. So what did he do? He asked God. And God answered him. We talk about prayer and so we talk to God, but we don’t spend much time listening. God speaks through His word. God speaks through our conscience. God speaks through Godly friends and leaders and God speaks through His Holy Spirit. God speaks but are we in the habit of listening?

Father, I need to hear Your voice. There is so much I need to know from You. Please help me listen. Help me hear what you desire to say to me so I will follow Your will for my life. Today I come and pray with Samuel of old, “Speak Lord for Your servant hears you.”

I listen to God
Quiet your heart and when you are ready ask God to make His presence known to you. Sit before God and soak in His presence. Ask Him to help you hear His voice. Visualize yourself talking to God and picture Him talking to you. Sense what it would be like. Hear it, feel it. Sense the reality of God sharing with you in real and personal ways. When done, pray to God, “Lord I come and desire to listen to Your voice. Help me hear you.”