More Than Conquerors

Today : More Than Conquerors

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37 (NIV)

For most of us working day by day it is hard to get our hand around the meaning of conqueror. Perhaps for an athlete, a person in sales or merger and acquisitions or someone in the military, the word has more meaning. Most of us know little about the word. Sure we win the occasional argument, get our proposal passed, even get our children to listen to what we say, but that is far from being a vanquisher of all that comes against us. Paul knew that we would be in Spiritual battle. He knew that we would face life’s issues point blank and our flesh, the world and the Devil would do everything they could to discourage and defeat us. That is why the Spirit of God had him write that even in “trouble, hardship, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger or sword” we are more than conquerors. Not just conquerors, more than conquerors. The best way I have heard it described was by Rick Renner in his book, “365 Days of Power”. He writes, “I boldly declare that in Jesus Christ, I am a conqueror who is utmost, paramount, foremost, first-rate, first-class and top-notch; greater, higher, and better than; superior to; preeminent, dominant, incomparable; more than a match for; unsurpassed, unequaled, and unrivaled by any challenge that would ever try to come against me! I declare this in Jesus’ name!” Today, let us believe the same about ourself.

Thank you Lord that You have given me power, in the Holy Spirit, to overcome adversity, discouragement, and every Spiritual attack that besets me. Help me take my eyes off my past defeats and look to Your love and the power of Your resurrection available to me today. Thank You Lord that today I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus my Lord.

I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus
What a metaphor for visualization. See yourself coming against all the difficulties that you are having. See Jesus right there with you giving you the strength, courage and skills to overcome all your foes. Feel the joy of victory. Sense the confidence in knowing that with Jesus you are more than a conqueror. Let the peace and joy from knowing that God loves you and helps you in your hardest time, fill your heart. Proclaim out loud, “I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!”